2017 UoM Indoor Rowing Championships

Faculty Shield

2017 Regulations

The University of Malta Rowing Club is pleased to announce the 2017 University of Malta Indoor Rowing Championships. This event is open to all UoM students, staff and alumni or guests of our Club. This event is being hosted with the kind support of the University of Malta Degree+ Progamme, IPES and Malta Rowing Association. To register please fill in this ONLINE FORM .

These Championships  will hopefully be building on the success of the first Indoors organised in 2016.

Date and Venue:

The University of Malta Indoor Rowing Championships which will be held at the University of Malta, Msida on Wednesday 5th April 2017. The first race is scheduled to start at noon.

In exceptional circumstances, (e.g. due to international travel, work commitments, etc.) a participant may request to ‘race’ on a different day/time prior to the event and have his/her time recorded. Such a request should be made upon registering, or, through email. Although every effort will be made to accommodate such requests, the organisers cannot guarantee an alternative time-slot, especially if the request is not made well in advance.

Participants entering as ‘Lightweight’ must have their weight verified by the organisers. Weigh-in can be either done on Tuesday 4th April 2017 between 3:15pm-3:45pm at the IPES Annex (near UoM Sports Hall), or on the day of the event (at least 15 minutes before their first race starts).


  1. Medals will be given to all those who rank 1st, 2nd and 3rd in their respective Age/Weight/Sex group in the Student, Staff and Alumni categories for each distance of the For the 2000m, 1000m and 500m distances
  2.  Medals will also be awarded to the teams who rank 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the Relay Race.
  3. Guests will be able to participate and have their race time officially recorded.  However, they will not be included in the rankings and hence will not be eligible to win medals or other awards.
  4. A shield will also be awarded to the Faculty/Institute/Centre/School which manages to obtain most aggregate points which will be awarded as follows in each of the Male/Female LW/HW open age categories as follows:
    • 1st Place: 2000m – 15 points; 1000m – 10 points; 500m – 5 points
    • 2nd Place: 2000m – 12 points; 1000m – 8 points; 500m – 4 points
    • 3rd Place: 2000m – 9 points; 1000m – 6 points; 500m – 3 points
    • 4th Place: 2000m – 6 points; 1000m – 4 points; 500m – 2 points
    • 5th Place: 2000m – 3 points; 1000m – 2 points; 500m – 1 point
  5. Male/Female LW/HW winners in the open age student categories of the full 2000m length will be declared as the Principal 2017 University of Malta Student Champions and given the right to represent the University of Malta in international events that our Club may be invited to participate in. Other winners will be declared as Champions in the respective categories as detailed below.


The schedule has been sent to those registered by email. If you have registered, please check your email. Unless you requested to race before, all races are between noon and 2pm.


  • All participants should have register ONLINE (Closing date: Monday 03-April-2017, 8pm.
  • Participants wishing to race on alternative date should register by  Wednesday 29-March-2017 and indicate this upon registration on the ONLINE FORM. If you need to make such request after you register, please send an email to uomrowing@gmail.com


  1. Athletes of any nationality may participate in this event but they must be either current University of Malta students and/or staff, and/or former University of Malta students (alumni).
  2. Athletes who place 1st, 2nd and 3rd in any race category will be awarded a medal.
  3. For further information, please contact the organisers via email at: uomrowing@gmail.com

Entry Fees:

The following nominal ‘fees’ (in the form of a donation) are being requested:

  • Current UoM Students*: €5
  • Current UoM Staff*: €10
  • Alumni (former UoM students)*: €20
  • Joint entry as a UoM current student + staff: €15 (applicable only to University of Malta emplyees who are also registered with the UoM as current students)
  • Joint entry as a UoM current student + alumnus: €25 (applicable only to graduates of the University of Malta who are also current students)
  • Joint entry as a UoM current staff + alumnus: €30 (applicable only to University of Malta emplyees who are also former UoM students)
  • Joint entry as a UoM current student + staff + alumnus: €35 (applicable only to University of Malta emplyees who are graduates of the UoM are also registered with the UoM as current students)

*If you qualify for a ‘joint entry’ you may still register in just one category, in which case you will only be qualifying for medals and ranking in the category you register in.

Championship Rules:

By entering the competition, a competitor agrees to be bound by the following rules:

  1. Concept 2 Indoor Rowers will be used.
  2. Each competitor will only row as follows:
    1. 2000m only
    2. 1000m only
    3. 500m only
    4. 2000m + 500m
    5. 1000m + 500m
    6. 2000m + relay
    7. 1000m + relay
    8. 500m + relay
    9. 2000m + 500m + relay
    10. 1000m + 500m + relay
  3. There is no need to be a registered rower with the University of Malta Rowing Club. Nevertheless, if you with to take up rowing on a more long term basis, you are encouraged to get in touch with us.
  4. Rowers registered with Clubs affiliated with Malta Rowing Association may wish to indicate this on registering in which case they may benefit from a reduced application fee of €5, irrespective of the category/ies they register in.
  5. Competitors may use the “drag factor” setting of their choice, but this cannot be changed during the race.
  6. Details of race categories are listed below.
  7. All races are considered as “finals”. The times from the races will be ranked to give an overall listing for the eligible categories.
  8. Competitors will automatically be entered in the age categories they qualify for.
  9. In the event of an equipment failure, competitors may, at the discretion of the organisers, be given the opportunity to compete in another race and still be eligible for a prize.
  10. A provisional schedule will be emailed to all competitors and/or placed on the event website by Tuesday 4th April 2017. Any mistakes should be notified as soon as possible but not later than one hour BEFORE the scheduled start time of the race.
  11. Our Club and Malta Rowing Association enforces a stringent Anti-Doping Policy that adheres to guidelines recommended by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), FISA and the National Antidoping Organisation (NADO) who may perform tests on competitors. This is because we believe that our rowers have the right to compete with the peace of mind that they know that they, and their competitors, are clean. The use of performance-enhancing drugs and doping activity severely damages the legacy of sport and undermines the integrity of true athletes. Further details may be obtained from here.


In each of the 2000m, 1000m and 500m categories mentioned, male and female rowers will be ranked separately.

For the relay, here will be two categories: (a) all male; (b) all female; (c) mixed: at least one male, one female.

In each of the categories mentioned below, races will be held over the following distances:

  • Full Length Category:
    • 2000m or 1000m (Participants must choose in which of these two distances they wish to compete in as their ‘full race’. Note that 2000m is the standard distance but racing for this distance requires a high level of preparation.)
  • Sprint Category: 500m
  • Relay: 4 x 300m

Age Categories: (applies only for 2000m, 1000m and 500m individual events)

Age Categories will apply for the individual races (2000m, 1000m, 500m): Standard Age categories as on Concept2 logbook, i.e. ages 13-18, 19-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70-79, 80-89, 90+

Anyone, irrespective of age will also be listed in the ‘Open Categories’.

Weight Categories: (applies only for 2000m, 1000m and 500m individual events)
Lightweight Event Weight Limits (for ages 18+):
Men 75kg or less Women 61.5kg or less.
Lightweight competitors must weigh-in between on the day of the competition or the day before at the Venue. Competitors who do not make their weight by 1 hour prior to their scheduled start time will not be able to compete as ‘lightweight’.