In synch in aid of Dar Bjorn


UM Rowing are proud to launch the format of the second event of The Erg League! Come test your mastery of the stroke as we row IN SYNCH in aid of Dar Bjorn.


Event Format:


Participants will each row four successive 500m pieces with 1 min of fixed rest in-between. The first three pieces must be rowed at the following average stroke rates: 1st piece - 20 SPM, 2nd piece - 24, SPM, 3rd piece - 28 SPM. The 4th piece may be rowed at any stroke rate.


Competitors will be ranked according to the total time required to row all four pieces. If a participant's AVERAGE stroke rate deviates from any of the set SPM pieces then a 10-second penalty will be added to the total time per deviation. Eg If a participant obtains the following times and stroke rates in their attempt:


1) 2:00 - avg 21 SPM ( Deviation from 20 SPM by 1 - > 1 penalty)


2) 1:55 - avg 24 SPM (No deviations from 24 SPM -> 0 penalties)


3) 1:40 - avg 30 SPM (Deviation from 28 SPM by 2 -> 2 penalties)


4) 1:35 - avg 34 SPM (Free stroke rate -> Penalties not applicable)


Their initial time will be of 7:20 however, due to them recording 3 penalties, 30 seconds will be added to the initial time thus making their final time 7:50.


Prizes will be given to the top 3 Males and Females recording the fastest final times.


Erg League Point System:


New and returning league race participants will receive a number of points according to their placing. First placing Male and Female will receive 100 points and each subsequent placing will receive 5 fewer points (ie. second place = 95 points, third place = 90 points).


At the end of the league, trophies and additional prizes will be given to the 3 male and female athletes who rack up the most points after all three events.


Date: Wednesday 13th December 2023


Time: 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM


Location: TBA


Entry fee: Minimum of 5 Euro donation, with all proceeds going to Dar Bjorn


Apply here