The University of Malta Rowing Club is the first Coastal Rowing Club in Malta. Led by students, the scope of our Club is to promote costal rowing within the University of Malta. We provide training to students, staff and alumni through our Rowing Academy and facilitate avenues on national and international rowing fora for our athletes to participate in. Through our rowing gym, equipped with the latest equipment and outdoor rowing sessions we provide a synergy between academia and sports.

The Club provides a positive rowing experience by creating an alternative sport environment for amateur, professional, national and international peers irrespective of gender, race or belief – we believe that sports can unite and foster dialogue between ideas and deconstruct misconceptions.

The University of Malta Rowing Club (affiliated with Malta Rowing Association), is a University of Malta Senate recognised student led sports club founded in 2015. The Club is registered with Sport Malta and is a registered voluntary organisation VO-1358.

If you wish to get in contact with our Club, please contact us or approach a member of our Committee.

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Maltese Registered Voluntary Organisation. Identification Number: VO/1358. Date of Enrollment: 30th March 2017. SPORTMALTA Registration Number: SM/O 030.

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