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A first for University of Malta Rowing Club and a first for Malta too!

International rowers, from all over the world, as far as Australia, the USA, Canada, Switzerland, Finland, and Zimbabwe amongst many other countries, participated in this year’s World Rowing Tour.

This year the World Rowing Tour was hosted in Malta for the first time from the 2nd till the 15th of April. Two groups of forty rowers were rowing along the coastline of Malta and Gozo over a period of a week. The boats used during this event were quads, doubles and even singles (one-person boat) offered by the UM Rowing Club.
In addition to the group of rowers, a small group joined as non-rowers, and these participants were given a tour and a taste of Malta’s greatest and historic places. During this Tour participants completed the first circumnavigation of Malta by rowing boat of the century, rowing around 140km in the Club’s new coastal rowing boats.

This event was pivotal for the UM Rowing Club’s growth. Through this event as well as through the support of the Social Causes Fund and the Central Bank’s fund, the Club was able to purchase eight new coastal rowing boats. Four doubles (2 people rowing) and four quads (4 people rowing and 1 coxswain), these boats are the first of their kind in Malta.

Through this investment, the Club aims to continue to nurture and foster a community which strives to achieve academic and rowing excellence in the years to come!

These boats will be used next in the upcoming ANZAC Day Memorial Regatta on the 25th of April!



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